While other Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS) enslave the DJ by forcing him to buy and to use specific hardware, Quad lets you choose your favourite soundcard - in fact any ASIO soundcard will do, as long as it's ASIO compatible and offers enough outputs and inputs for your needs (typically a soundcard with 4 mono inputs and 4 mono outputs is good for 2 decks).

Quad even goes a step further by eliminating the need for Phono Inputs on the soundcard, letting you connect your turntables directly to Line Inputs instead of Phono Inputs on the soundcard thanks to its integrated software RIAA Phono preamplification.

Quad is currently (as far as we are aware) the only scratch system to deliver real 3-deck and even 4-deck support. So, when 2 is not enough, just add another!

Loop Samplers, X-Filters, SVF Filters, Equalizers, Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Delay, Reverb... You name it, Quad has it. While offering all the crucial FX needed to elevate your mix to new highs, Quad also gives you full MIDI control over nearly all parameters, so you're always in total control of your mix even if you don't own an external mixer.

Video by DJ Mag: DJ JFB (UK DMC Champion 2007) scratching with Quad

Quad V2 has been completely rewritten nearly from scratch, and offers a new fully resizable and customizable GUI, an improved Browser, MIDI controller feedback for endless rotary MIDI controllers and motorized Fader controllers. Quad2 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Mac OS X.

- Windows (XP / VISTA)
  Pentium4 1.5GHz 512MB RAM or better advised
  ASIO soundcard or ASIO4ALL required
- Universal Binary for OS X 10.4.10 or later
  Macbook or better advised

Open architecture

- compatible with any ASIO/CoreAudio soundcard
- software RIAA Phono preamplification allows connecting turntables directly to Line Inputs on the soundcard
- nearly every parameter is MIDI controllable
- totally configurable audio routing
- easy MIDI Learn
- MIDI feedback for endless rotary MIDI controllers or motorized fader MIDI controllers
- Resizable and completely user-configurable GUI: Channels may be shown/hidden, EQ/Filter/asf. may be shown/hidden
- compatible with nearly all MIDI Controllers on the market (accepts CC & Note On/Off MIDI messages)
- application downloadable for free (see below)

Total control

- 1-4 decks may be used to control 1-4 tracks (MP3/WAV/OGG/AIFF)
- custom Vinyl Tracking algorithm provides a near-analog scratch-experience (even when scratching at extremely low speed)
- perfect tempo-synchronization of up to 4 tracks using SYNC
- powerful 1-deck support (one single turntable may be used to mix up to 4 tracks)
- external MIDI Clock may be used as tempo sync source to sync Quad with drum machines or sequencers
- Virtual Zero Lock Range makes pitch 0 really 0 and virtually eliminates the "resting point" at pitch 0 on old turntables
- recording the mix as .WAV (16 or 32 Bit) during mixing is possible
- keyboard shortcuts allow using Quad without touching the mouse
- Preview Player for fast prelistening of tracks on Headphones

Advanced sound processing

- Use your VST or AudioUnit effects to process the sound
- fresh sounding filters (X-Filter, SVF)
- 3-band Equalizers with parametric mids from 100Hz to 10kHz
- tempo-matched FX (Flanger,Phaser,Echo,Delay,LFO Filter,...)
- tempo-matched Loop Samplers
- any audio material (real Vinyl/CD's/Mic/...) may be routed from the soundcard's inputs into Quad for mixing and FX-processing
- crossfader with 3 curves
- look-ahead limiters on each ASIO output avoid audible audio distortions when signal becomes too hot

Managing your tunes

- Database-driven Browser with strong Search functionality
- ID3 Tags are editable
- create cases of your favourite tunes and music styles
- 4 assignable Cue Points per track
- already played tracks are highlighted

  Computer Music CM117: "Quad is very hard to fault, ticking all the right boxes for the digital DJ." Rating 9/10, 3 awards (Editor's Choice, Performance, Value for Money)
  DJ Mag: "Simple and effective vinyl mixing when combined with a decent soundcard."
Rating: 4/5

Beat 11/2008: "Quadscratch ist ein sehr leistungsfähiges Programm, ... Es eignet sich für traditionelle Mixeinsätze genauso wie für experimentelle Darbietungen als DJ-Team."
Rating: 5/6 (+ Preis-Tipp der Redaktion)

You may download Quad and try it out as long as you want in DEMO Mode. Demo Mode lets you try out most of Quad's features without buying the Timecode Vinyls. However, changing the pitch, beatmatching and scratching are only possible using the Timecode Vinyls.

Quad comes with 4 Timecode Vinyls and costs 89€+VAT+10€ shipping.
Additional Timecode discs may be purchased for 15€ each.

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