Two-Knob dynamics processing

Transient Shaper allows shaping the dynamics with 2 knobs only, making it uniquely easy and fast to use - yet its sonic manipulation scape ranges from gate-like to compressor-like.

V2.x features analog saturation, 3 Attack shapes & 3 Release shapes.


  • Makes your sound louder, gives it more expressiveness and more punch
  • Ideal for individual or summed drums/percussions shaping
  • Unique two-knob manipulation characteristics, not obtainable with any other type of gear
  • Processed sound ranges from gate-like to compression-like
  • Excellent Gate replacement (sounds smoother than a gate)
  • 3 different Attack shapes and 3 different Release shapes
  • Saturation for cutting off and smoothing too high transients (generated when using strong Attack)
  • Resizable GUI (minimized by clicking in top left corner)
  • Low CPU Usage (typically less than 1% on half-decent systems)


  • Windows VST 32/64Bit (for Windows XP or better)
  • MacOS AU/VST Intel/Apple Silicon (MacOS 10.9 or better)

  • Note to MacOS Users: You may need to reboot your system before AU version is listed in your DAW!

Audio Demos

Have a listen to Transient Shaper's capabilities. All demos were processed with Transient Shaper only.

Demo 1 Bassdrum + Snare playing with a little bit of added Attack and much added Release.
Demo 2 Some Hihats playing with removed Release.
Demo 3 909 snare drum with added Release.
Demo 4 Cowbell with added Release.
Demo 5 808 drums (hats + snare) with added Release.
Demo 6 909 clap with added Release.
Demo 7 Beat playing with added Attack & Release, then with less Release.
Demo 8 Loop playing unprocessed, then processed with much Release, then playing with less Release.
Demo 9 909 Loop, first playing unprocessed, then processed with less Release.
Demo 10 HipHop Loop made of 9 channels. First playing all channels unprocessed, then playing processed. Each of the 9 channels contains a Transient Shaper for processing. CPU Usage: 7% on AMD Sempron 3100+.

Tryout Version

You may download Transient Shaper and try it out as long as you want. The Tryout version silences the output for 1 second every 10 seconds. All other functionality is available in the Tryout Version.

Windows VST V2.6.3 (32/64Bit) | MacOS AU/VST V2.6.5
(c) Schaack Audio Technologies